Type Revivals

Type West Online, Term 1, Spring 22

Miss Marple

Tatiana López

Miss Marple is a revival text typeface based on Römische Antiqua by Genzsch & Heyse. The making of this typeface was eye opening on how many details you have to put attention to when it comes to type design. Seeing letters as a system and avoiding to fall in love with a character in specific because some changes had to be made along the way to make it work as a whole. The original had many inconsistencies but after reaching ou`t for feedback and the guidance from my teachers I made it work. It’s definetly not perfect but it was a great start in my type design adventure.

It was an amazing adventure to start with the research with the source material. It’s important to study your source material in different ways. In my case every week I was experimenting with different techniques like calligraphy, linocut or just drawing the counter forms. Every week was an opportunity to train my eyes in a different way and every week I discovered something about my source material. The most fun part was to discover the inconsistencies and a big challenge to figure it out how to solve them with not getting away too much from the original.









Tatiana López

Graphic & lettering designer from El Salvador

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